LED Spot Downlight-Square Type

  • LED Spot Downlight-Square Type


Product Name: TrueLux LED Spot Downlight – Square Type
Application: All-in-one Spot Light Retrofit
Wattage: 6W / 8W
Dimming Type: Triac Dimming 0-100% Smooth Dimmable (Philips NXP Dimming IC)
Match All Kinds Of Triac Dimmers Including Leading Edge & Trailing Edge
Finishing: White Coated
Average Rated Life: 30000 Hrs
Power Factor: 0.75
Warranty: 3 Years

  • Technical Specs:
    Beam Angle Options: 30° /  60°
    50W – 75W Halogen Equivalent
    90% Energy Saving

    Product Size: 92mm(L)*43mm(H)
    Cut Hole Size: 70-75mm
    Dim to Warm Color: 
    2000-2700K / 2400-3000K   Same as Halogen Lamp

    Dimmable Spot Downlight AC200-240V 70-75mm 92mm(L)*43mm(H) Yes
    All Kinds Triac Dimmers
    6W 400-420Lm 50W Halogen 2700K G03NW92J 30° G03NW92L 60°
    400-430Lm 50W Halogen 3000K G03NN92J 30° G03NN92L 60°
    450-480Lm 50W Halogen 4500K G03HD92J 30° G03HD92L 60°
    8W 680-700Lm 75W Halogen 2700K G03KW92J 30° G03KW92L 60°
    700-730Lm 75W Halogen 3000K G03RN92J 30° G03RN92L 60°
    730-760Lm 75W Halogen 4500K G03RD92J 30° G03RD92L 60°
    Dim to Warm Spot Downlight AC200-240V 70-75mm 92mm(L)*43mm(H) Yes Dim to Warm
    All Kinds Triac Dimmers
    6W 400-430Lm 50W Halogen 2400K-3000K G03NX92J 30° G03NX92L 60°
    8W 700-730Lm 75W Halogen G03RX92J 30° G03RX92L 60°
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